A downloadable game for Windows

Overcome challenges by building the level in your favor in this platformer card-game.

The main objective in Shuffle Knight is to deal damage to the game by destroying crystals in the cards. Collect the swords, get to the crystals and destroy them!


@lun8_ - Art, Level Design
@derekpxart - Art
@Webshanks - Code
@kofgdo - Music


Arrow keys / WASD: move.
Spacebar / Up key / W: jump.
E: destroy crystal (If you have the sword in hands).
Mouse left: Select and drop cards.


Keep in Mind:

- If you cross the end of the board you'll end up on the other side.

- There's a bug when selecting cards from the board, it won't work if you click on any of the foreground elements. Click on the background instead.

- There are some known issues regarding spawn points. If you ever end up stuck you'll have to reopen the game.


Shuffle Knight.rar 12 MB


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interesting concept, as mentioned there is an aspect ratio problem unless using a widescreen resolution.  I found a few things frustrating but overall very cool. A few suggestions: gravity felt like we were on the moon, could do with increasing this a little, maybe add double jump to make up for the loss of distance. Once the sword has been collected it would be nice to be able to replace that card, this didn't seem possible. Animations for sword swing and some sound effects/particles would make it more engaging and add better feedback. More variety of tiles, I found myself getting the same ones over and over and not managing to create a path. Crates could do with pull and push mechanic to stop them getting stuck against a wall. Enemies/more traps could make the tiles more challenging. I hope you don't see this as too negative :)

Seems like ther is an aspect ration problem : I can't see the first and last card in their entirity, even if changing resolution. Other than that seems like a great concept.